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Impossible crystals are 'from space'

Examples of a crystal previously thought to be impossible in nature may have come from space, a study shows. Quasicrystals have an unusual structure - in between those of crystals and glasses.
Until two years ago, quasicrystals had only been created in the lab - then geologists found them in rocks from Russia's Koryak mountains.
In PNAS journal, a team says the chemistry of the Russian crystals suggests they arrived in meteorites.

Quasicrystals were first described in the 1980s by Israeli researcher Daniel Schechtman, who was awarded last year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery.
Schechtman's ideas were initially treated with doubt or scorn by some of his peers, who thought the structures were "impossible".
Rule breaker Quasicrystals break some of the rules of symmetry that apply to conventional crystalline structures. They also exhibit different physical and electrical properties.
In 2009, Luca Bindi, from the University of Florence, Italy,…

Bajaj unveils its Nano competitor: the RE 60

New Delhi: Bajaj Auto, India's second largest bike maker, finally unveiled its first four-wheeler, a low-emission car - RE 60 on the eve of the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi. The company, which had in 2008 showcased a concept small car but decided not to go ahead with the project.
High fuel efficiency and lower emissions are the key factors on which the company is banking on to make its foray into the car segment a success. The company expects a big growth opportunity by targeting the three wheeler segment.
The RE 60, according to Bajaj has high fuel-efficiency ratios. Bajaj claims that this vehicle has hit 40kmpl under test conditions and a realistic mileage in daily driving conditions should be above 35kmpl. The 200cc rear-mounted engine's emissions will be an incredible 60g of CO2 per km.
The RE 60 has body coloured bumpers and funky wheels. The interiors get a central speedometer cluster, folding front windows, 44-litre boot space, 95-litre under seat storage…