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Apple iPad 3 expected on 7 March

Apple has announced an event on 7 March at which the company is expected to launch its latest iPad tablet. Invitations sent to journalists read: "We have something you really have to see. And touch."
While not officially confirming the product's launch, the message was accompanied by an image showing what looked to be an iPad touchscreen.
The iPad range, which first launched in 2010, has sold over 50 million units worldwide.
It is not yet known when the new device will be available for sale.
Last year, sales of the iPad 2 began in the US nine days after the launch announcement - which also took place in March.
Apple's first two versions of the iPad transformed the market for tablet computers and made it one of the fastest-growing sectors of the computer industry.
Patent woes However, recently Apple's dominant position in the tablet market has been challenged by a string of tablets powered by Google's Android operating system.
Later this year, in…

Nokia reveals 41MP cameraphone

A 41-megapixel Nokia smartphone was among the new technology on show during the opening day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The 808 Pureview offers enhanced low-light performance as well as sophisticated image compression designed to help users share pictures. Nokia hopes to regain ground lost to Google and Apple in the mobile market. However, some have criticised Nokia's decision to use its own operating system, Symbian, on the device. Nokia's other smartphones typically run on Microsoft's Windows Phone software. Symbian, which first appeared on Nokia phones in the 90s, is widely regarded as inferior to the app and social media-driven Windows Phone system. "The Pureview 808's Symbian Belle operating system might detract from its appeal to a broader market, where it deserves recognition," said Tony Cripps, a principal analyst with Ovum. "It's a pity that Nokia was unable to combine the photographic prowess of the PureView 808 with the style of …

Top 10: Weapons of the future

We went from swords to machine guns and nuclear bombs, but what are the next weapons on the horizon? 1. Autonomous weapons These are robotic vehicles, under development, that search and destroy enemy troops and equipment on the ground or in the air, without risk to friendly troops - theoretically. How they work:Onboard computers interpret sensor data to identify and target hostile forceswith built-in weapons. Robots may query human controllers at remote sites for the go-ahead to fire, and friendly forces may carry transponders that identify them as "friends". Limitations:Difficulty of quickly and reliably discriminating between hostile forces and neutral or friendly parties or objects, such as civilians, cows, trees, and tractors. Systems that check with human controllers are vulnerable to communication failures. Malfunctioning robots could fire wildly at anything. 2. High-energy lasers These are powerful energy beams that travel through air or space in straight lines. Th…

Spice mi 410 Review

Spice MI 410 has metal accents and a full metal black cover.This is made of metal frame and solid construction that make the MI 410 extremely robust device.The device is highly tactile and the volume racker, power button are flushed.Screen is of scratch resistant and the internal parts does not shake and is the one solid piece of hardware.The design of Spice MI 410 is good looking with a flat slab or the tablet type structure on the device. Review The camera of Spice MI 410 is of 5MP auto focus camera and will focus nicely.It has a great auto focus mechanism and utilizes 4 point metering to gain a focus point to be accurate in indoor,outdoor and night mode.It has decent video quality with jitter free recording and smooth capture.This screen is clear for watching videos and Internet.PPI is rich for reading books,documents and articles with out any trouble. Spice MI 410 price is around 14,000 and the device looks like an expensive one.The users will be having a satisfied experie…