Electrical Final Year Project Ideas

1.Zigbee Based Hospital Automation with online graph and WAP
2. Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing & Monitoring through ZIGBEE Wireless
3. Eye ball Sensor for automatic wheel chair movement for paralysed patients
4. Automated Environmental Friendly Vechicle System
5. Home appliances control using voice Dictation
6. Pc based Wireless Weather monitoring System
7. Embedded System Based Interlocking Sytsem For Chemical And Pharmacheutical Industries
8. Wireless Roaming Web Cam
9. Voice Controlled Wireless Multitasking Rover
10. SALVO RTOS Based Data Acquisition System and control with PC Interface
11. SUN SAIL – Tracking Elliptical Path Of The Sun
12. Home/Industrial Automation using GSM With Voice Feedback.
13. Embedded PIC MC based_Electronic Trivector Meter
14. Embedded Pic Microcontroller Based Power Multimeter
15. Control of substation equipments thro mobile phone.
16. Embedded Pic Microcontroller Based Motor Protection System
17. Energy Management System For Pulse Output Meters
18. IVRS Based Home Automation With Immediate Voice Feedback
19. Voice Controlled Wheel Chair Robot for Physically challenged.
20. Micro controller based Antilock Braking System using Proximity Sensors
21. PCB Drilling Machine using Cartesian bot
22. Programmable Grass Shredding Robot
23. Automatic Valet Parking System using conveyors
24. Programmable Surface Cleaning Robot using Blowers
25. Embedded System Based Automatic Furnace Control For Improvement Of Hardness On Materials
26. Interactive Telemarketing Device For Advertisement Agencies With Human Approach
27. Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter For Driving 3 Phase Motor using Single Phase
28. Temperature And Humidity Measurement System for Agricultural Applications
29. Embedded System based Automatic Furnace control for improvement of Hardness on materials.
30. Embedded System controlled Electroplating System
31. Embedded System based Transformer Oil Testing Machine.
32. Blue tooth Enabled Home/Industrial Automation
33. IVRS Based Electronic Tele-voting System
34. IVRS Based Control Of Three Axis Robot With Voice Feed Back
35. Embedded System based Cockpit White box automation
36. Energy Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
37. Contact less Measurement Of Emission Of Automobiles
38. Design Of Digital Cryogenic Temperature Controller
39. Automated Vertical Car Parking System
40. Remotely Activated Acoustic Warning System (RAAWS)
41. Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Access Control System
42. Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Time Recorder with Weigand Output
43. Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Bank and Locker Security system
44. Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Vehicle Access System
45. Biometric Fingerprint Based Guard Alert Monitoring system with PC interface
46. RFID Based Guard patrolling system with Handheld Device
47. IRIS Recognition system in Authenticating Highly Secured Data.
48. IRIS Scanner Using Access control Monitoring system
49. Embedded Micro controller Based Nomad Robots for exploration Application
50. Embedded Micro controller Based Robots for weather forecasting.
51. Vehicle Accessing using Authentication
52. Non-Contact Smart Card Reader Based Campus Management system.
53. Web/wap based system for remote monitoring patients with data mining support.
54. Remote Monitoring and Control using Mobile phones
55. Secured Postal Data Communication using RFID and E-POST
56. Distributed Multi area Power systems load flow monitoring
57. Smart Card based Attendance monitoring with Multi-Door output.
58. Secure Transmission of Sensitive data using Multiple channels
59. Micro controller Based Standalone Temperature Measurement System.
60. Micro controller Based Ultrasonic Pulse Detector.
61. Pc Based Flow Control And Level Measurement In Petrol Bunks.
62. Pc As A Pid Controller.
63. Vector Controlled Device For Energy Saving Air Conditioning System.
64. Fuzzy Logic Based Differential Relay For Power Transformer Protection.
65. Electric Power Generation using Footstep Method.
66. Embedded Micro controller based Grid Synchronization.
67. Energy Management Control System with WAP
68. Home Automation Using X-10 Protocol.
69. Bi Directional VF Control of Single Phase AC Motors.
70. Frequency Actuated Load Shedding with substation monitoring
71. Management of sub-transmission and distribution system in power systems
72. Mobile – Half Bridge Configuration Based High Voltage Generation of 10KVA_1KHZ
73. Vector Controlled Drive for Energy Saving in Air Conditioning system
74. High Performance AC Supply with Low Harmonic Distortion for multiphase AC Machines.
75. Enhancement of power system performance using STATCOM
76. Management of sub-transmission and distribution system in power systems.
77. Remote data monitoring using WAP Information Gateway
78. Embedded system based highway monitoring system and control
79. Automatic Anesthesia controller with respiratory system using Heart beat Sensor
80. Intelli mobile robot for multispeciality operations
81. prepaid electricity system automation with contact less proximity card & card reader
82. IVRS Based smart home automation with voice feedback.
83. smart solar tracking for optimal power generation
84. Wireless AI Based voice controlled intelli robot for multispeciality operations
85. Network enabled Electronic Digital televoting machine.
86. Speech Recognition based complete Car Security System
87. OFDM Based Wireless Encryption/Decryption of Transfer of Messages.
88. Synchronized DC Defibrillator with PC Interface
89. Stand-alone Synchronized DC Defibrillator with LCD Interface
90. RF Based Wireless Complete Body Scanning System Using WAP
91. RF Based Medi-Kits for Houses with Emergency Dialer.
92. RF Based Wire less Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System
93. Medicare System for Hospital Automation
94. Study and working of Peritoneal Dialysis with Model.
95. IR based human radiation detection online
96. PC based emergency ambulance calling system
97. PC based body temperature measurement and control
98. Automatic anesthesia feeder based on respiratory
99. Automatic anesthesia feeder based on resp temp with temp with model
100. Automatic anesthesia feeder based on HBC with model.
101. Blue tooth Enabled Wireless Communication with Handheld Device.
102. Advanced Sensors Controlled Bank Security System.
103. Home Networking and Security System With Wap
104. Tape less Voice Storage and Retrieval using APR9600.
105. Electro magnetic Proximity Card Reader with Weigand output based Access Control System with Double Level Security.
106. Electro magnetic Proximity Card Reader with Weigand output based Time and Attendance System.
107. Electro magnetic Proximity Card Reader with Weigand output based Security Cards.
108. EMPCR with Weigand output Based Electricity Billing Automation.
109. EMPCR with Weigand output Based Electricity Billing Automation with WAP.
110. Guard Supervisor for Industries.
111. Guard Alert System for Home Security System.
112. Guard Alert System for industries With Patrolling system.
113. Fire Alarming Control panel with Auto dialer to Fire Station.
114. Hardware Design for Pick and Place Robot
115. Fire Fighting Robotics with artificial intelligence
116. Fire Fighting Robotics With AI (Artificial Intelligence) and WAP
117. Cell Phone Controlled Two Axis Robotics with AI.
118. Cell Phone Controlled Three Axis Robotics with AI.
119. Mobile Phone Controlled Alive Human Detector using Robotics
120. Two Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-Isolation
121. Multi Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-Isolation
122. Two Axis Robotics With Artificial Intelligence (AI)
123. Three Axis Robotics With Artificial Intelligence (AI)
124. RF Based Wireless Multi Axis Robotics with WAP
125. PLC Ëœs for bottle filling station with conveyors
126. Automatic Control of Bottle Filling System Using PLC With Conveyor Model.
127. Embedded PIC Micro controller based Safety Road Control With WEB CAM
128. Embedded PIC Micro controller based Controlling of devices through Telephone Lines
129. DAS and Remote Control through Internet
130. Micro controller based system design for Electronics Laboratory
131. Wireless Home Automation System Using Telephone Lines with WAP
132. RF Based Wireless Encryption And Decryption Message Transfer System for Military Applications
133. Encoding and decoding technique for secured data communication
134. On Line Dynamic Code Acquisition For Spread Spectrum Systems
135. Single Photon Quantum Cryptography
136. Pseudo Random Code modulation based Secured Data Communication.
137. Frequency jammer as a life guard
138. Frequency jammer as a life guard with WAP
139. PC based data scanner/ logger for 8 “ channel
140. PC based data scanner/ logger with field programmable channel
141. Intelligent guided vehicle for collision prevention
142. Fuzzy Logic based Collision Prevention for vehicles.
143. Intelligent Application of Fuzzy Logic in Automatic Train Speed Control System.
144. Fuzzy logic based Traffic Control System – A Replacement strategy
145. Embedded controller for traffic controls
146. Automatic control for unmanned railway gate
147. Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with model
148. Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with WAP
149. Solar power for automatic water heating
150. Solar energy for Electrical Applications