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Electrical/Instrumentation/Applied Electronics Project Ideas List

  1. Joystick device circuit diagram
  2. Make a simple circuit to alarm your disk from Virus writes
  3. External Speaker connection for your PC
  4. Make a simple Vaccine card to protect your PC from any Gen-B virus (Boot virus)
  5. Make a very cheap sound interface by used your Amplifier tape/radio or sound system
  6. Build an IPROM (EPROM emulator for 2 x 2 kByte)
  7. Quartet Six-in-One circuits diagram for hobbies
  8. Simple & low cost EPROM programmer for 2764 type using LPT parallel port
  9. Make an EPROM eraser by yourself
  10. 36-Bits and 6-Digits 7-segment LEDs display driver
  11. Universal EPROM programmer for 2716 ~ 27512 types using bi-directional LPT printer parallel port
  12. Simple ADC-0808 circuit using bi-directional LPT parallel port
  13. Simple function IC tester circuit using bi-directional LPT parallel port or serial port
  14. Programable I/O expanding decoder using 8255 PPI
  15. 8-Bits relay driver board using LPT parallel port
  16. EPROM application in User Define Function Signal Generator using DAC-0800/DAC-0808
  17. One channel toggle infrared switch board remote receiver
  18. 5-bits infrared remote transceiver board
  19. Low cost 8031 microcontroller development board
  20. Build an electronic workbench tools
  21. Bipolar-unipolar small stepper motor controller (collection circuits)
  22. 5-phase stepper motor controller using PIC-16F84A microcontroller
  23. This is how I make Myke’s Static Analog Clock
  24. IR Remote Decoder Sony RC-5 (SIRCS) code using PIC microcontroller
  25. IR Remote Analyzer and Decoder using MCS51 series microcontroller
  26. This is how I make Ajay Barghav’s Digital Clock with alarm chime
  27. Minimum system atmel AT89Sxxxx series with ISP programmer
  28. 24 Hours Timer using PIC-16F84A microcontroller
  29. PIC Series minimum system board
  30. Digital clock with PIC series microcontroller
  31. Binary (BCD) clock with PIC series microcontroller
  32. Another analog clock using PIC series microcontroller
  33. Very Simple Clock using PIC series microcontroller
  34. Square type Clock using PIC series microcontroller
  35. Linear type Clock using PIC series microcontroller 


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