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a) Sinewave Generator
b) Simple Code Lock
c) Stepper Motor Control Using Microcontroller
d) Telephone Receiver
e) Telephone Number Display
f) Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
g) Teach-In 2002 Lab Work “ 5 “ Strain Gauge Weighing Machine
h) Telephone Call Counter
i) Touch Dimmer
j) UNIPOLAR 4-Phase Stepper Motor Controller Board
k) U.S.B. Connectivity To Micro Controller
l) Ultra Bright LED Lamp
m) Variable Auxiliary Power Supply
n) Wireless Vehicle Path Tracer Using IR & RF
o) Who’s First (Game) Indicator
p) Water Level Controller
q) 4 Channel Infrared Remote
r) 0 – 20v Led Voltmeter
s) 7 Digit Code Lock (6 – 15v)
t) 4 Digit 7-Segment Multiplex DISPLAY
u) Automatic Light Beam Shifting Of Vehicleâ„¢s On High Ways
v) Automatic Speed Regulation Depending On Incoming Vehicle On High Ways(Fuel Injection)
w) Automatic Light Lamp with Morning Alarm
x) Automatic Exhaust Fan Control Coupled To Gas Leak Detection
y) Auto turn off battery charger
z) Anti Theft Alarm For Bikes
aa) Automatic Heat Detector
bb) Access Control System
cc) Autonomous Robot
dd) Altimeter — To Measure The Altitude
ee) Air Flow Sensor
ff) Automated Traffic Signal Controller
gg) Automatic Control For Unmanned Railway Gate.
hh) Automated Car Parking System
ii) Automated Vehicle Identification And Toll-Pass System.
jj) Burglar Alarm System
kk) Build A Carbon Monoxide SNIFFER
ll) Build The Breath O-Meter
mm) Built Your Own Multi-Frequency Digital Signal Generator
nn) Build A Simple Infrared Illuminator
oo) Biopic Heartbeat Monitor
pp) Baby Incubator
qq) Colour Intensity Measurement (Liquids)
rr) Classic Ac 230 V Timer
ss) Colour Reflectance Measurement (Solids)
tt) Co2 & O2 Monitoring In Green House
uu) Coin Based Toll Gate System.
vv) Clap Switch
ww) Condenser Mice Audio Amplifier
xx) DTMF Telephone Remote Control
yy) DTMF Development Board
zz) DTMF Proximity Detector
aaa) Digital Object Counter (5v)
bbb) IRDA (Infra Red Data Communication Protocole Implémentation)
ccc) Industrial Automation Data Acquisition System
ddd) Interfacing Color Sensor With Different Wave Lengths To Microcontroller
eee) Industrial Protection System Using Light Dependent Resistor
fff) I2cprotocol Based Real Time Clock Control Application
ggg) Interfacing IBM Key Board To Micro Controller
hhh) Infrared Control For Pc
iii) Infrared Remote Control Timer
jjj) Infrared Card less Head Phone
kkk) Infrared Auto Switch
lll) Infrared Toy Car Motor Controller
mmm) Ionizer Mains (230v Ac)
nnn) Knock Alarm
ooo) Light Sensing Robot
ppp) Long Range Fm Transmitter
qqq) Logic Analyzer
rrr) Line Follower Robot
sss) Leaf Moisture Analyzer
ttt) Light Sensitive Inductive Load Controller
uuu) L293 H-Bridge Dc Motor Controller
vvv) LED Panel Meter
www) LED-Based Message Display
xxx) Laser Torch Based voice Transmiter and Reciver
yyy) Long Duration Timer
zzz) Line Telephone Share
aaaa) Micro Controller Clock
bbbb) Mobile Phone Battery Charger
cccc) Mobile Cell Phone Charger
dddd) Musical Touch Bell
eeee) Micro Controller To Ethernet Interface
ffff) Microcontroller based Scrolling Message Display
gggg) Microcontroller Based Intelligent Glass Break Detector
hhhh) Modern House Automation (Ac/Dc) Using Ir Communication
iiii) Particulates Monitoring Using Light Beam Attenuation
jjjj) Ph Controller
kkkk) Digital Alarm Clock
llll) Ding-Dong Bell
mmmm) Digital Panel Meter (5v)
nnnn) Dc Motor Direction Control
oooo) Dual Motor L298 H-Bridge Control
pppp) Depth Of The Medium Based On Attenuated Reflectance
qqqq) Depth Of The Medium/Liquid Level By Change In Conductance
rrrr) Data Logger
ssss) Dc Motor Control PWM Technique
tttt) Digital Temperature Controller “ Microcontroller Based
uuuu) Digital Compass/Navigation
vvvv) Designing A Digital Thermometer By Using A Selected Temperature Sensor
wwww) Electronic Eye With Security System
xxxx) Electronic security system
yyyy) Electronic watchdog
zzzz) Electronic Card Lock System
aaaaa) Electronic Jam
bbbbb) Electrical Equipment Controller
ccccc) E2prom Based Data Entry Real Time Clock Control Application
ddddd) FET 4 Input Mixer (+/-9v)
eeeee) Fastest Finger First Indicator
fffff) Fire & Smoke Alarm System
ggggg) Fluid Level Detection
hhhhh) Fluid Flow Measurement (Liquid)
iiiii) FM Booster
jjjjj) G.P.S. Receiver
kkkkk) Home Automation (Ac/Dc) Using Pc Interface
lllll) House security system
mmmmm) Home Automation Using Television Remote Control
nnnnn) Intelligent Battery Charger
ooooo) Infra Red Illuminator
ppppp) IR Remote Switch
qqqqq) Invisible Broken Wire Detector
rrrrr) Pc To Pc Laser Communication
sssss) Quality FM Transmitter
ttttt) RF Control Of Induction Motors And Other Industrial Loads
uuuuu) Remote Controlled Fan Regulator
vvvvv) Robot Control Using TV Remote
wwwww) Remote Control For Home Appliances
xxxxx) Solar Battery Charger And Shunt Regulator
yyyyy) Solar Lighting System
zzzzz) Stepper Motor Based Valve Controller
aaaaaa) SMS Chatting Using RF
bbbbbb) Season Based Automatic Streetlights Switching
cccccc) Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring And Control Station
dddddd) Simple Function Generator 12v
eeeeee) Eye Ball Control of Wheel Chair for Physical Handicapped person


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