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Just last week, the Samsung Mobile Youtube channel posted the first true gameplay video of Angry Birds Space, the highly anticipated sequel to the smash hit (pun alert!) mobile game Angry Birds.
If we are to just take whatever the video has shown, nothing much has changed in terms of objectives: You still have to fling a bird out of a slingshot and cause as much wanton destruction on those pesky green pigs. But it seems that Finnish developer Rovio has pushed the gameplay even further by adding a few more obstacles, physics, and mechanics that will provide a new challenge even for seasoned players, who pretty much have three-star marks in their playthroughs of the series' previous games.
The level featured, which was set to be a Samsung Galaxy exclusive, showed much of the game's restructured dynamics that added more to the previous' simple, yet enormously addictive, smash-'em-up gameplay. As we all know, the setting is in outer space, so the in-game physics are now greatly different. For one, gravity is now dictated by moons/planets that hover around the playfield, which requires to player to explore different trajectories to get that coveted one-shot finish.
The bird used was something that resembled the shape of what the fans know as the Yellow Bird (only, in this case, it looked purple). Players will remember that the Yellow Bird had a triggerable rush that required a well-timed click or touch to hit its mark. Now, as seen in the video, the rush ability has a targeting function that homes-in on where the player wants. One can say that the new feature lessens the challenge factor experienced in the first game. But given the new environmental physics, it could just be a welcome addition to even out the playfield.
The game is set to be released on March 22, 2012 in iOS, Android, PC, and Mac platforms. Only after then can we tell whether the new mechanics will be a hit to fans old and new. It's looking good so far, though, so offices be warned. We may see productivity plummet come the 22nd.

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