Google+users spend just 3.3 minutes a month

Is Google+ on the way to becoming Orkut? The answer might be a resounding ‘Yes’ if the recent report from comScore is to be believed.

According to comScore, Google+’s U.S. users spent just 3.3 minutes/month on the site on an average, in January, down from the previous month’s stats and just a fraction of the time Facebook users spend on the site. The average amount of time spent on Google’s social network declined from 4.8 per minutes in December and 5.1 minutes in November. Facebook users, on the other hand, spent about 7 1/2 hours on the site in January, up from about seven in December, the report points out.

Google unveiled the social-networking site in June last year. The site created a huge buzz during its launch, but has failed to keep up it up. Though new users continue to join the Google+, not many are found actively using the site like  Facebook.

According to the report, Pinterest and Tumblr are Facebook’s nearest rivals, each accounting for 89 minutes of the average time spend on the site. Twitter users were found to spent 21 minutes on the site, while LinkedIn users spent just 17 minutes on the professional networking site.