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Rockmelt Browser Full Version Offline Installer Download

RockMelt is a browser that is fast, safe and stable for Chromium-based.
RockMelt designed to let users easily to keep in touch with friends, and get the updates from social sites like facebook twitter and other favorite sites.

RockMelt has been working with Facebook to provide better features and ease in chatting Facebook, and Facebook integration efficiently.
RockMelt is a browser that uses the engine google chrome but armed by social media facebook features installed in the browser itself.
so just like google chrome, but there is a column of facebook notifications and can also chat directly from the browser. cool is not it?

About RockMelt
RockMelt provide a better Web experience is fundamental to how my friend uses a browser to surf as it is today.

There are several reasons why my friend would like RockMelt:
Built-in chat in order to stay connected with your buddies dr any website
The share button allows fast updating buddy status, twitter link, and posting on the wall
Social Reading Helping my friend get the most popular news from friends
Brief news from favorite sites like facebook friend, twitter, tumblr, and much more


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