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HCL Tablet ME U1 Review, Cost and Specifications

The new entrants in Entry level tablet market HCL launches its HCL Tablet Me U1 and it seems like Android war will last long and we can expect few more eye catching computing devices at low cost. This is first Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich tablet) in India from a big brand under Rs 8,000. There are a few more tablet like Zync ICS tab but they all suffers a performance setback so can’t make an impact on Indian market. HCL has followed the same pattern as others and has tried to lured students though it ME U1 tablet and is also planning to bid for Aakash tablet 2. The tablet comes with pre-installed apps and educational content for students and is priced at Rs 7,999. The tablet was launched by HCL VP Gautam Advani and HCL Brand Ambassador Nargis Fakhri. HCL tablet will be loaded with 17 apps including Games, Social Networking, Jobs, Music and Videos and with goodies worth Rs 3,000.
2 More tablets from HCL were launched named ‘MyEdu Tab K12’ and ‘MyEdu Tab’ the first one is for students from kindergarten to class XII and cost around Rs 11,499, the second MyEdu Tab is based on blending of educational and media rich content. MyEdu tab will cost you around Rs 9,999.

HCL Tablet Me U1 Review

Hardware and Design of HCL tablet ME U1

HCL ME tablet ships with milky white color with ME logo on top front. The tablet is made up of polycarbonate cover which feels like plastic to prevent the tablet from damage during accidental falls. This 7” inch display tablet has a thickness of 12.53 mm. There is no physical button on front of HCL tab but so it’s completely touch interface however for easier use Volume control and Power buttons and Display On Off button for power saving when you are listening any song is provided at the side of the HCL tablet.
HCL tablet ME U1 comes with 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor a little less than its nearest rival Micromax Funbook (1.2 GHz) but still enough for your most of your computing needs. Random Access Memory (RAM) is 512 MB DDR3 and works fine for multitasking at this price range. Internal memory of  tab is 4GB which can be extended to 32 GB using a Micro SD flash card.
Accelerometer sensor is also present in the tablet for changing the view angles to portrait and landscape depending upon the position in which the user is holding the tablet. A reset button is also provided to reset the device when it hangs up.
Video capacity of 30fps Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) is also present in HCL tablet which ensures you to get high quality HD visuals while watching any movie or playing any game.

Display, Sound and camera of HCL tab

HCL tablet features 7”inch LCD capacitive touch screen with 16 Million Colors. The touch response is quite good and we can see some accurate precision in touch. The screen resolution is 800 X 480p and pixel density is 133 which displays a good picture on board.
HCL tablets has inbuilt Mono speakers of 1 Watt enough for small range. A 3.5 mm jack Audio port is provided for using it with your Headphones, Earphones and external speakers.
A Front VGA camera (0.3MP) is mounted at the top front of HCL tab to enable the video calling facility via Skype and other Android Apps. No rear camera is provided and no flash is present in tablet. Low resolutions of front camera make it hard for any photography so you can use it just for video conferencing.

Battery life and Connectivity of HCL tablet

A strong battery support is provided with HCL tab and you can run the tablet for around 4 hours without any charging. A 3600mAh Li-ion Battery ensures that you never run out of power when needed. This is the longest battery life you will see in any tablet at this price range.
HCL tab ME U1 does not have any SIM card slot so you can’t use it as phone. An external 3G USB modem can be used with this tab to connect with internet in can you are not in a Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n support is present in HCL tab for internet connectivity. No GPS or Radio connectivity is provided with this tab which is what we can expect at this price range. No HDMI port is present in HCL tab but 1 full USB 2.0 and 1 mini USB 2.0 port is provided with the tablet for external device connectivity.


Operating System of HCL tablet:

HCL ME U1 tab is fully compatible and runs Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which is the latest android version in the market so you don’t have to worry about outdated OS or upgrading your Android. ICS is much faster than Android 2.3 Gingerbread and is less buggy and almost all your apps works smoothly on this tablet. But the Google Android Marketplace is not supported with the tablet and to get the new apps you have to go to HCL own App store where you can get apps optimized for HCL tablet but this restriction is something you don’t want as Android flourishes due to its open source and large app market.

Multimedia and EDUTAINMENT features of HCL ME U1 tab:

The tablet features educational content along with NCERT eBooks for students, media rich content and apps for youth. Think Free Office, Google Maps, Mail, Youtube, Gtalk and Skype are few of the apps that come preloaded with HCL ME tablet. It also supports Adobe flash content and Input prediction feature is also a thing to be looked for.


HCL tablet box contains Tablet, Battery, Charger, Headset, USB data cable, Quick Start Guide and Apps and Goodies worth Rs 3000.


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