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The original iPhone made a breakthrough in the world of touchscreens with the incorporation of Gorilla Glass technology, which promised that your screen will not get scratched. The next iPhone from Apple might usher in a similar new leap in technology with the use of “in-cell” touch panels.
According to a new report from DigiTimes, Apple is thinking of adopting the in-cell touch panel developed by Sharp and Toshiba Mobile Display. The company’s current touch panel supplier, TPK Holdings, has been said to be working on an alternate tech called ‘Touch on Lens’.

What Is An In-Cell Touch Panel?

Without getting into the technicalities of what makes an in-cell touch panel superior, the brief explanation is that the properties of the capacitive touchscreen are performed by the pixels themselves. This is possible due to a new circuit inside the panel that is capable of detecting capacitive change.
Traditional touchscreens work when the panel detects either a change in light or pressure, both of which happen when the user touches the glass surface over the panel. By potentially eliminating the need for such a second glass surface, the new in-cell touch panels are more battery efficient as well as considerably thinner and lighter.
When Toshiba first demonstrated these panels last year, it showcased pieces that were 7 inches with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. Compared with current-gen products that require an external surface, the thickness of the in-cell touch panel was 43% thinner at 1 mm, and the weight was 48% lighter at 225 grams. And it’s also better for sunlight legibility, offering a 10% reduction in the light reflected off the surface.
So if the iPhone 5 does go in for an in-cell touch panel, you can expect it to be thinner, lighter and be easier to read in harsh light – a win for every consumer out there.
Of course, there’s no indication yet of what the iPhone 5 will look like, but we hope it’s closer to this iPhone Steve Jobs concept we had seen earlier

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