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Nokia Browser 2.0 for S40 devices

The new browser for Nokia S40 brings a host of new features that make web browsing faster, cheaper and easier, while not sacrificing quality.
Nokia has announced the launch and availability of Nokia Browser 2.0, a major web browser update dedicated to its Series 40 devices.
The new version reduces data consumption by up to 90 per cent, enabling websites to load up to three times faster in comparison to other devices without this new browser. Besides, the browser brings a host of new features and functionality for users.
The new Nokia browser for S40 OS based phones features cloud based acceleration where web pages are loaded on Nokia servers and are optimised for devices by reducing size and quality, allowing users to experience faster and more economical web browsing.
Users can now discover new web content and can enjoy one-click access to websites via Nokia Browser's start page, which can be customised. The browser has also been optimised to enable users to easily stay connected with friends and family at the touch of a button and share files and links across social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook.
The new and improved Download Manager helps manage external content easily, saving music, video or pictures on a memory card while surfing the internet.
The browser has web apps that offer a richer, more desktop-like internet experience as well. Nokia browser now has a catalogue of more than 10,000 of the latest apps coming from a wide range of developers from across the globe.
The update supports all forms of Series 40 phones based on touch, Qwerty and non-touch user interfaces, including the Nokia Asha range as well as popular devices such as the Nokia C3-00, Nokia C2-03 and Nokia X3-02. The update will be pre-loaded on some current and all future Nokia Series 40 devices, while for most existing users the update will be a free, optional over-the-air download.
New users can download it from the Nokia Store. The browser is available in 87 languages in over 200 countries and territories.


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