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Say Cheese! Facebook Camera Is Here

Just weeks after Facebook announced it was going to buy Instagram for a cool $1 billion, Zuckerberg and company rolled out a new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Facebook Camera.

Why, might you ask, did Facebook fork out that cool bil and then turn around and launch a similar application? First off, the Facebook Camera app had been on the drawing board well before the company bought Instagram, suggesting they were planning to compete against the young startup.
Secondly, as Christina Warren points out at Mashable, the answer can be found in the rational behind another major acquisition -- for example, when Google bought YouTube, despite Google Video being readily available.

"After the release of Facebook Camera, I’m even more convinced that Instagram could be Facebook’s YouTube — in other words, an acquisition that becomes monumentally important to its future, and helps it solve a problem it couldn’t solve on its own," Warren wrote.
Similar to Instagr…

Transfer One Trillion Bits of Information per Second Using the Power of Light

• Researchers invent novel technique by fabricating tiny holes in a single quarter-inch chip to boost data transfer rates
• Until now, it was not possible to transport terabits of data for existing parallel optical communications technology
• New prototype compactly and efficiently delivers ultra-high interconnect bandwidth to power future supercomputer and data center applications 

IBM scientists today will report on a prototype optical chipset, dubbed “Holey Optochip”, that is the first parallel optical transceiver to transfer one trillion bits – one terabit – of information per second, the equivalent of downloading 500 high definition movies. The report will be presented at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference taking place in Los Angeles.
With the ability to move information at blazing speeds – eight times faster than parallel optical components available today – the breakthrough could transfor…