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Experience Metro UI on your Android tablet through BroBot175's theme

Microsoft’s Metro UI may not be all too customizable on the mobile front but in terms of usability, it has its perks. With their tiling system including ‘Live’ tiles that update details constantly, Metro is still designed to be lightweight and user friendly. Naturally the Android community was quite keen on seeing just how well this performed on their devices and developers got to developing a few ROM’s/launchers that made it out to the Google Play market. Although there are quite a few options to see what a WP7 styled UI would look like on your Android handset, we’ve been patiently waiting to see what the Windows 8, Metro UI would look like on our Android running tablets. 
Enter 'BroBot175' a senior member at XDA Developers, who has designed and released an all new launcher type UI for Android tablets bringing the colorful tiled Metro UI to Google’s smartphone platform. At the core, it’s merely a theme that will transform your regular homescreen and notification panel into a Windows 8 styled set up. So far it’s been designed to support the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101. The devices will of course require to be rooted prior to installing this skin or flashing the ROM will not be possible. As of now, this is still in beta phase so there will be a couple of bugs in the system, however fixes are expected to be out soon, says the developer of this theme. More widgets including support for a Music widget is in the pipeline and expected in the next update. Naturally, before you do anything we recommend you take a full back up of your device before flashing this or any other ROM. Should anything go awry or the theme not function too well on your device, you’re assured of an easier restoring option.

All you need to do is go to the developers site, download files for your tablet, Galaxy Tab or Transformer TF101 respectively from the downloads section, flash the downloaded file "" in CWM Recovery and start your computer. You then need to download any custom app launcher that has the ability to resize and rename the widgets. The developer has suggested ADW Launcher EX so we think it's better to go with what the developer is using as it would be easy to co-relate problems and give proper feedback if necessary. This theme will overwrite your system theme so there seems to be just one way of going back to your original theme which is by restoring your backup ROM from CWM Recovery. This is still in beta phase so we suppose it won’t be used as a daily theme. It's very extensive but all the steps on how to apply this theme have been mentioned properly by the developer in this link.


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