Geekswipe: Karthikeyan Busts Google

As Karthikeyan, (Geekswipe's Mastermind and my best buddy!) was thrown out of adsense for no reason, he was agitated on Google's dark activities. Yesterday, He busted google, copying bings new social search, without the social bar. As his post says:

"Back in time, Google kept complaining that Bing copied it and displayed their search results. Now, it seems that the so called giant copies Bing. Google finally reacted to the Bing's 
announcement that it would repaint its search interface socially and make search more easier. But the reaction was absurd that it simply copied Bing's new search. Bing came up with an idea of a three column layout which includes a social bar on the right that displays the info from the user's social networks. This design and idea was so promising that it could give a better search results and make us more comfy in the search. And as Bing released it for few users for a test run, it eventually stole a lot of hearts and started trending around the web like a fire. And even I quoted in my previous posts on Geekswipe that its THE END OF GOOGLE. So did geeks all around the globe. This buzz might have stirred up the Google guys, as it seems to be."
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