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Mozilla slides show future of Firefox UI and features

Mozilla’s Firefox browser has been one of the most popular ones in the market for ages now. Google, too has been in the browser race, since the past few years and the number of users using the browser has been steadily increasing over time. Google Chrome is said to have taken the second place as far as the market share for browsers is concerned, while Internet Explorer still leads the pack and Firefox has slipped to the third place. But, it looks like Mozilla and other browser developers, such as Google and Opera are looking at the next big thing - Windows 8. While the traditional Windows interface uses the standard browser that users have been using for years, the new Metro user interface on Windows 8 requires a slightly different browser due to its new format and design.

A glimpse at what Firefox on the Metro UI will look
 Windows 8 as a consumer preview has been around for the past few months and there are plenty of users using it. Developers also get a chance to try out their updated software on this new operating system. Mozilla’s Brian Bondy has been updating his blog posting new details on the progress of the updated Firefox browser for the Metro UI. Now, Madhava Enros from the Mozilla user interface team has posted a presentation that includes mockups of what the Firefox browser is likely to look like running on the Windows 8 Metro user interface. Madhava talked about the presentation late last week at the Firefox Toronto Workweek.
Australis running on a Mac OS
 The presentation talks about different aspects of the user interface, such as its design and aesthetics. For example, curved windows is an important part of the browser for tablets. There’s also emphasis on trying to make the experience similar between devices. There’re also some slides on Firefox running on the B2G (Boot to Gecko) project, which is Mozilla's mobile operating system. The first devices based on the project are expected to come out by the end of the year. Mozilla has been working on a new Australis user interface that’s expected to land on all popular platforms. The slides should give users a good idea of what future Firefox browsers will look like, on different platforms in the months to come.


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