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Nokia Asha 202 touch and type phone review,specification and price in india

Moving towards its strategy of connecting the next billion to the Internet, Nokia India has announced the launch of its latest addition to the Nokia Asha series - the Nokia Asha 202. A dual SIM-touch and type phone, the Nokia Asha 202 is designed for cost effective web browsing, social networking, gaming and entertainment. The Nokia Asha 202 is packed with a range of features and services, such as the EA games pack and Nimbuzz chat client.

The Nokia Asha 202 aims to offer faster, richer and a more cost-efficient web experience through the Nokia Browser. To enable the consumers to experience ‘faster Internet’ without having to worry about data charges, Nokia has tied up with five lead operators – Aircel, Airtel, Reliance, Tata Docomo and Vodafone – across the country to offer 100 MB of data (each) per month for six months absolutely free. The Nokia Asha 202 will be the first Series 40 device to offer exclusive EA games in India. As a 60-day promotion at Nokia Store, the consumers can enjoy 40 EA game pack worth INR4,000 absolutely free. The offer, includes popular and classic titles, like Tetris, Need for Speed, The Run and Bejeweled.

The Asha 202
Mr. Viral Oza, Director Marketing, Nokia India said, “The introduction of Asha 202 takes us another step closer to connecting the next billion people to the internet. We are constantly innovating and finding newer ways to feed the ever increasing appetite for digital consumption for young consumers. Towards this, Nokia Asha 202 is the first mobile phone to come bundled with data offers from five leading operators of the country. Nokia Asha 202 is the new face of smarter feature phones that comes packed with compelling, innovative services and entertainment options.

Nokia’s Asha 202’s combination of a traditional keypad with a 2.4-inch touchscreen is ideal for those who seek easy ways to connect to the world of Internet and social networks to catch updates and multi-tasks, all on the go. The Nokia Asha 202 features dual SIM with Easy Swap technology and a dedicated SIM manager to personalize the phone and save up to five SIM cards with unique information. The device comes with a 2 megapixel camera, music player, FM radio, Nokia Browser, and Bluetooth connectivity, and has expandable memory of up to 32GB.

The Nokia Asha 202 comes in four colours to match your mood and personality – black and gold, silver white, dark grey and dark red and is priced at INR4,149 in India.


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