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Nokia calls Windows 8 tablets report 'misconstrued'

Yesterday we reported that Jorma Ollila, the outgoing chairman of Nokia had revealed in an interview that the company would be launching a range of new tablets and ‘hybrid’ smart mobile models. However, he didn’t disclose a time frame. A recent report by eWeek now shows how Nokia has backed off from the comments made by Ollila and called them ‘misconstrued.’ Well, Nokia coming out with Windows tablets isn’t something new. News about Nokia coming out with Windows-based tablets has been doing the rounds for sometime now. Remember the possible Nokia Lumia tablet render that had surfaced sometime back. Ollila spoke about the importance of tablets and that it’s being considered.
Ollila said, "Tablets are an important one, so that is being looked into, and there will be different hybrids, different form factors in the future." Which meant that it is a thought and not a commitment that a Windows-based Nokia tablet could probably pave its way into the market in the future. A spokesperson from Nokia reacted to the report stating that the comment was ‘misconstrued.’ And it doesn’t want people to take it as an official announcement, although Nokia has a close eye on the tablet ecosystem.
 That said, we think, people are still waiting to see the new Windows 8 tablets, with a promising interface that seemingly has been crafted keeping tablets in mind. It is likely that Nokia may come up with a tablet that runs the Windows 8 user interface, but Nokia probably wants everyone to keep guessing when exactly the Windows 8 based tablet will be dished out. Nokia opted for Windows 8 over Android, last year to sustain its falling position in the market. Nokia hasn’t completely bounced back, and yes, it largely depends upon Microsoft’s Windows 8 to come out with some competitive smartphones in the market, like its Lumia series.


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