Top 10 iOS 6 features

The showstopper at the mega WWDC 2012 event was undoubtedly the new, next-genMacBook Pro, but that hasn't shifted the limelight from the highly anticipated iOS 6. Owing to the leaks, iOS 6 being introduced at the WWDC 2012 wasn't a surprise, but Apple has done a commendable job with the cool features it has. We’ve picked the top 10 iOS 6 features that should matter to you the most.  
 FaceTime over 3G
Earlier Apple’s FaceTime feature was accessible only via Wi-Fi. The newest update infused in the iOS 6 allows Apple fiends to access FaceTime over cellular network. This means, you can use FaceTime even while traveling and don’t have to run about to check for Wi-Fi connection. One of the most exciting features, this was missed by many before. 

Siri on a learning spree
Siri created waves after it was announced last year, and soon enough became the most talked about and envied feature, compelling Google to start working on a voice assistant functionality. Now Siri has been educated further to answer questions about movies, get sports scores, make dinner reservations, tweet and it even supports newer languages. This isn’t all. It has been enabled with the ‘Eyes Free’ functionality, which lets you talk to Siri without looking into your handset’s screen while driving. The benefits of this feature are expected to be soon seen in cars by top auto makers.

Call Rejection and Reminder
So, next time you want to reject a call, you can quickly send an SMS saying you are busy with a chore, instead of just swiping across ‘do not answer.’ Moreover, users can even customize these messages - for instance  - “Caught up with work..Will call you soon.” This isn’t all; you can also set a reminder, so that you don’t forget to make that call.

Do Not Disturb
 Yes, you can tell your device not to disturb you. Firstly, it isn’t the airplane mode and you will receive your calls and messages, but the device will not indicate it through a ringtone or vibration mode. So, the device will ignore all calls and messages, but you can view them later as you pull the device out of the Do Not Disturb mode. However, if the user gets a call from the same number about three times in 5 minutes, the feature will reckon it important and indicate the user about it. Smart, we must say.

VIP Mail
Loaded with too many emails all day long? Well, then the biggest worry here is skipping or missing an important e-mail. Apple’s iOS 6 now comes with a VIP inbox for all the important emails that you don’t want to miss. Moreover, you can also receive an SMS notification each time you get a VIP e-mail. You will know all those whom you’ve marked as VIP, as a small star is likely to appear next to their name.

Facebook Integration
 After Twitter was tied into iOS 5, this has become Apple’s next step towards social network integration. The company knows the current fad is social networks. So, you have to sign into your Facebook account once and the device allows posting from Notification Center, Siri and Facebook enabled apps, such as Photos, Safari and Maps. It syncs all the information about your Facebook friends across all other iOS devices, and also automatically updates details in Contacts (if a friend changes any contact detail).

With Passbook, Apple lets you transform the device into a handbag carrying all your important documents. It keeps all tickets, boarding passes, air tickets and even passes to events that you are attending in your phone-pouch. This app will be very handy for frequent travellers.

Apple has also strengthened its web browser in the newest version of its operating system. Safari for iOS 6 comes with a redesigned sharing menu and Apple has made it icon-based this time. It also includes the ability to sync with tabs across other iCloud devices and read items from Reading Lists offline.

The rivalry between Apple and Google is said to intensify as Apple has come up with its own Maps application powered by TomTom. The app brings in some nifty features, like turn-by-turn navigation, real time traffic, and Flyover mode (said to be in 3D Mode) that transforms the normal satellite view into a 3D photographic model and shows a realistic view of the city (only U.S cities, for now). Siri integration within the Maps spruces the navigation functionality further.

Apple’s iCloud functionality takes another step forward as iOS 6 enables PhotoStream shares. This feature allows quick and easy sharing of photos with a group of other users. All one needs to do is select the photo/photos, find "Photo Stream" in the share menu and add contacts. This collection of photos can be made private or can be set to invisible. Your friends can even comment on your photos and vice versa.

iOS 6 is expected to roll out in the next two months. This new OS will be compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad and fourth generation iPod Touch. Needless to say, some of these new features will not be made available to all the mentioned devices.

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