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Toshiba Libretto W100- Pentium at Rs 80000

Its a tablet or a mini computer different product with difference appearance but too costly.Its based on windows os and i am expecting it to run windows 8 which will get real success....

Quick Overview

Libretto W100 – Pentium 7” Dual Screen with stability of SSD comes in small packet. Elegant looks with superb style makes it stand like a trend setter. Libretto W100—U7310 Pentium Processor U5400 (1.2GHz, 3MB Cache, 800MHz FSB)/62GB SSD/2GB DDR3 RAM/Integrated/7” Dual Screen/VGA/Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium/1 Year warranty
E-book Reader – Can view documents like reading a book
Leight-Weighs 819gms only
Screen Sharing – Screen or content can be shared between both the screens
Built-In Webcam with Microphone for easy video chats
Extended Screen – Screen can be extended to see single object on two screens
ClearSuper View for real life like high quality display
5 types of virtual keyboard for multipurpose usage.
Touchpad with Multi Touch Control


The Libretto is a line of subnotebook computers designed and produced by Toshiba. The line was distinguished by its combination of functionality and small size, squeezing a full Windows PC into a device the size of a hardback book. The first model, the Libretto 20, was released on April 17, 1996, with a volume of 821 cm³ and weighing just 840 g. The original Libretto line was discontinued in Europe and the U.S. in 1999, but the production continued in Japan with the SS, FF and then the L series until 2001. The L series range of Librettos were released in 2001 (in Japan only) and were produced for just 11 months. Production of all Librettos ceased from 2001 until the release of the Libretto U100 in 2005. It was a further 5 years before the Libretto returned again in 2010 with the limited-edition dual touch screen tablet W100 model. The Toshiba Libretto was used as the "Palm-top" in the film Total Recall 2070, with it being marketed in the show as a Toshiba EPK 2000 Organizer.

Additional Information

Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium
Screen Sizes(Inches) 7
Processor Name Pentium Processor U5400
Processor Speed 1.2GHz, 3MB Cache, 800MHz FSB
Inbuilt Hard Disk Drive Capacity (GB) 62 GB SSD

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