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Why you need a website?

As i am one of the most tech enthusiasts, from my younger age i have become eager to develop a website. And i have come across many sites and blogs to know what it means. In today modern times we can see every small companies and pins have opened their websites to open their company for the whole world market.
So we can understand that websites is a tool to expose our feeling to the whole world and also to expose your business to the whole world.
 How start the website?
If you are a fresher you should first understand there are different types of websites for different purpose.
 Blogging Sites:
blogging is a tool to expose our feelings to whole world, sharing our thoughts or you can update your technology to the whole world. There were many Blogging tools for free like wordpress, blogger,, weebly and so on. For beginner blogger is the best and easy tool.
if you are a business person and you need to expose your products to the whole world website help you. Similar to free Blogging sites there are many web hosting available for free like webs, weebly, yola, and wix and so on. They have easy drag and drop and easy to understand and a beginner and build a whole website within twenty mins to an hour.
 Ecommerce sites:
This site enables us to sell our products online, buy your payments online. Many free ecommerce sites are available online and i have no exposure to this site i cannot mention free site but use Google.
Friends if you are much interested and if you need any help and if you have better ideas please comment below.


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