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Engine Running On Water with 40 KMPL for a Car Invented

Wonderful achievement by a Pakistani Engineer who invented a water kit for the motor car engine. Yes! This happened in Pakistan, when a talented Pakistani who is a graduate of a low scaled educational institute of Khairpur, invented a water kit as a fuel source for the vehicles. His name is Engineer Agha Waqar, the inventor of water as fuel for vehicles who claims that his invention may be used in every type of auto mobile as the fuel source. And this is not a fantasy, according to Agha, now it will be possible to use water as the fuel for the auto mobiles. It took a period of more than three years for Agha and his team to make this dream come true. And for the last one year, Agha is running his car successfully by using this water kit.

What is the water kit invented by Agha?
This seems a real miracle, when you see the water kit. This is quite simple and no complicated mechanism is involved in this water kit. It includes a bubbler which contains water that filters the water. The bubbl…

How to keep yourself safe on the internet

Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues to pay your electricity bills, phone bills, income tax returns and almost everything. But easy access to the internet and availability of these services online not just provide relief but of course helps in saving time. At the same time users are also exposed to the threats of identity theft, loss of personal information and spams.

If we follow a few golden rules we can easily protect our personal information and greatly reduce the possibility of fraud. Here are some of them:

Security suites 

Outpost Security Suite: This is the only free security suite that offers antivirus, firewall and anti malware in a single package. It even offers email and web surfing security for online protection and monitors application behavior to keep a check on malicious infections. Being free, it does have some limitations — only one auto update is allowed in a day. Others need to be manually done. Also, it does not include identity theft protection or t…

How does a search engine fetch answers to your queries in less than second?

Ever wondered how does a search engine fetch answers to your queries in less than second? Google says it's a mixture of science, creativity, experimentation and cold, hard maths. This is how it works:

100 Tools to Develop the Next Killer iOS or Android App

There’s quite a list of people who are interested in creating iPhone/iPad and Android apps these days. Big publishers, indie developers, small businesses, advertising agencies, app enthusiasts/hobbyists/wannabe developers–the list goes on. No matter who you are this post has everything you need to develop, test, market, monetize, analyze, enhance and refine your next hit app. Get ready for some great tools that can help you create a more polished app with the biggest chance of meeting your goals (like making money or engaging users).
There’s truly something for everyone here. For the big guys I’ve included links to powerful and scalable cross-platform SDKs. For the indies out there I’ve included tools to help acquire traffic and promote apps to keep you competitive. For small businesses I’ve included some great services that let you create an app on your own with no coding required. If you’re a developer and you use this list to create an app, let me know! I’d be happy t…

Video comparison: Apple Siri vs Micromax Aisha

Of all the companies that have decided to take on Apple's voice control personal assistant, Siri, Aisha from Micromax is one that really caught our eye. We asked both Siri and Aisha a bunch of questions. The results were quite surprising, especially since the iPhone 4S costs Rs. 45,000 where as the Micromax A50 (one of the cheaper Aisha-bearing Micromax devices) costs Rs 5,000. Talking to both the voice controlled personal assistants was a treat! The answers were the most unexpected, bordering on hilarious.

Microsoft Office 2013: 10 Things you should know

Microsoft has launched the Office 2013 which is the latest release of the Microsoft Office. It is now made available as a consumer preview version (public Microsoft gave us a glimpse of theOffice 2013early last month on the Windows RT tablet. The company has now released the Office 2013 which is the latest iteration of the Microsoft Office suite. It is now available as aConsumer Preview(public beta). With this new version, Microsoft has undergone a huge strategic shift by moving away from its PC-centric functionality towards Window 8, mobile platform and cloud technology. Here are 10 things that you should know about the Microsoft Office 2013. 

What is Office 2013?
Office 2013 is the next version of Microsoft’s Office suite. With it, Microsoft takes a leap into the advanced, mobile, cloud-based ecosystem. Office 2013 comes with a large number of desktop apps and also several server products.

Google Nexus 7 already for sale online in India

So, you wanted to buy the Google Nexus 7, but gave up hope knowing the delay in official Indian launches? Well, there is some hope for you if you want to desperately get this tablet. The Nexus 7 has started cropping up on a couple of online sites.Indiatimes Shoppinghas the tablet in stock and they have priced the Nexus 7 at Rs. 16,952. EMI options are available on the site as well. Online storeeBay.inhas a seller that ships the product to India within 14 days, which we’re guessing is still quicker than whatever the official launch date may be (that is if Google is still planning to get it here). The seller has priced it at Rs. 17,690 for the 8GB version which roughly translates to around $321. To remind you, Google’s pricing was $199. Want some?

For those of you’ll living inside a box, the Google Nexus 7 tablet was announced at the recently concluded Google I/O 2012 event. Google has added a ton of high-end hardware to the mix and has kept the price down to a minimum by pricing it at …

Micromax Ninja 2 A56 Features, Specifications, Review

Micromax Ninja 2 A56 Price in IndiaMicromax has launched Micromax Ninja 2 A56 with enhanced features and specification but still at affordable price. Micromax Ninja 2 A56 price in India is Rs. 5,999 (best price) for online stores. Micromax Ninja 2 A56 price for retail stores is going to be around Rs. 6,100-6400 depending on the city. Micromax Ninja 2 A56 features Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread operating system, 8.89 cm screen and high quality 3MP primary camera. Micromax Ninja 2 A56 specifications include Bluetooth 2.1 for data sharing, Wi-Fi 802.11/b/g/n for internet access and GPS for navigation in unknown locations.

Micromax Ninja 2 A56 FeaturesMicromax Ninja 2 A56 priceand features makes it a truly affordable yet feature rich smartphone in Indian market. Micromax Ninja 2 A56 features 3MP primary camera which is really good in this price range of smartphone. Micromax Ninja 2 A56 also has 8.9 inch screen with full multi touch quality and support of 262K color to provide awesome viewing e…