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Engine Running On Water with 40 KMPL for a Car Invented

Wonderful achievement by a Pakistani Engineer who invented a water kit for the motor car engine. Yes! This happened in Pakistan, when a talented Pakistani who is a graduate of a low scaled educational institute of Khairpur, invented a water kit as a fuel source for the vehicles. His name is Engineer Agha Waqar, the inventor of water as fuel for vehicles who claims that his invention may be used in every type of auto mobile as the fuel source. And this is not a fantasy, according to Agha, now it will be possible to use water as the fuel for the auto mobiles. It took a period of more than three years for Agha and his team to make this dream come true. And for the last one year, Agha is running his car successfully by using this water kit.

What is the water kit invented by Agha?
This seems a real miracle, when you see the water kit. This is quite simple and no complicated mechanism is involved in this water kit. It includes a bubbler which contains water that filters the water. The bubbler will further create the water into the hydro gas and it will be transmitted into the main water kit that’ll enable the engine to run. The water kit will also be connected with the battery as it will create electrode process for making of fuel. The quantity of the water in the bubbler might be 1 to 1.5 liter but it shall be supported by a water tank of appropriate capacity. This is pertinent to mention that the water to be used in the water kit should be distilled water. Distilled water is free from many impurities that are removed after the distillation process. Distilled water is not much expensive but we have to install the distill plants at district levels.

This amazing distilled water will be having fantastic fuel consumption. With only 1 liter of distilled water, the small sized automobiles may run for 40 K.m and similarly the motorbikes may run for more than 130 K.m. The story never ends here, as the power generator of 1 KV capacity may also be run for two hours with 1 liter of distilled water. This water kit may be adjusted in the automobiles very easily; especially in the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) based automobiles; you can operate the engine by only replacing the fuel pipes. According to Agha, this water kit will cost only 40Kto 50K Rs.

The performance of automobile
A big question may arise in the mind of the reader about the performance of the vehicle that will be run with water fuel. But you’ll be surprised to know that nobody can judge that the vehicle is running with any alternate fuel. This water kit may be adjusted in any common vehicle.
Agha Waqar and his team have undoubtedly become the pride of Pakistan. Agha seeks the proper attention and support from the authorities. His invention is a revolutionary step that will help to minimize the economic burden on a common user. But on the other end, this will infringe the stakes of the multinationals and the oil industry. In the past, whoever dared to invent such thing, he was either made silent or eliminated from the scene.
Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmed, the inventor of water as a fuel of vehicles deserves the right diligence and sincerity. His invention shall lead to an unexpected revolution in the human life that’ll be ultimately beneficial for our future generations. Let the efforts of Agha be not wasted and he must be protected from any danger.


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