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Maluuba Voice Assistant Better then Apple's SIRI and Google

With the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple implemented even more functions to their virtual assistant Siri. In the mean time Google Now introduced with Jelly Bean is still the best for its reliability, accurate answers and speed. But Maluuba Android App seems to attract lot of us and going top of both Siri and Google Now. Let’s checkout our Android App review of Maluuba for Android.

Maluuba is a new voice activated virtual assistant that uses a metro style interface and is packed with all the features you will ever need. This app is to be considered a serious competitor to Siri and/or Google Now. It’s both efficient and easy to use, with the voice recognition system working at the highest standards. Using Maluuba you can do just about anything, from planning an entire day to making voice calls or sending text messages using your voice. It’s all there and highly convenient to use.
Maluuba can give directions, suggest movies and schedule events, as well as update your Facebook status, use it to tweet or check-in on Foursquare. From the main screen you swipe right to see about managing your day or left to explore. It couldn’t any more simple than that. You can even use it to play music and there is a built-in interface to show the album cover and playback controls. There is also a very well designed help screen that will give you an overview of all functions. Only downside is that some features only work in North America. The developer states that they are planning on releasing a “Maluuba Lite” Version that will have limited functionalities in other countries. There are also plan on adding a preferences screen, so that it’s more intuitive, and we should also see a widget in future version.

Pros of Maluuba for Android:

+ Beautiful, Metro style interface
+ All the features one would ever need from a virtual assistant app
+ Voice recognition works at its highest standards

Cons of Maluuba:

- Some features available only for North American users
Maluuba is now available on the Play Store and you can download Maluuba Android App for Free. If, by any chance it’s not available in your country, we’ve got file for you. 

Download Maluuba for Android apk


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