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Transform Windows Computer To iPhone 5 With iOS 6 Skin Pack

No matter what we say to iPhone 5 but one thing in which it ranks is appearance and aesthetics. You can bring that iPhone 5 look on Windows 8 Desktop PC by installing iOS 6 Skin pack. All the fancy of iPhone appearance will be on your computer in few clicks.No changes are made on booting screen or logon window but changes will be noticed only when you enter the desktop. Windows 8 Metro Homescreen however remains untouched and widgets are added on traditional desktop.
 Developer has considered in mind the iPhone 5 interface and replaced the most used icons with the one used in iOS 6. Windows explorer opening and closing effects are similar to iPhone. One more novelty of iPhone is Lockscreen on Windows Desktop which can be slided to lock and unlock.

How to Add New Gadgets

Only few Gadgets or widgets on desktop are added by default but you can add and remove them from gallery. Take mouse cursor to bottom right and overlay window will appear.Press Plus (+) button on bottom left which open gadget gallery. Drag them to desktop to add new.

Problems Noticed

Some icons on dock are not properly associated with the program to open. You may get error while opening Windows Media Player, Explorer or any application. But, it can be solved by right clicking on icon and changing icon settings. Just fix the Target application.

How to Uninstall

Program comes with uninstaller which would clean the files cam with it and restore the settings to default (or as it was). As a factor of safety, it is recommended to create restore point before installing.
While installing make sure to uncheck Incredible bar installation which is nothing but a browser toolbar.
incredible toolbar stop install Transform Windows Computer To iPhone 5 With iOS 6 Skin Pack

Download iPhone 5 Transformation Pack for Windows 832 Bit and 64 Bit.
 Download iPhone 5 Transformation Pack for Windows 732 Bit and 64 Bit.

                    Restart is required after installation to see all the changes in the interface of Windows.


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