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This morning Instagram Splash the social networks by introducing its web based profile for its user.Instagram is a photosharing app acquired be Facebook recently has bring inituative idea to introdeuce its web based profile to its users. The design of the new instagram web profiles looks similar to the Facebook Pages .This is my new Instagram Profile check it out

Here are the commonquestion asked in instagram blog
What are Instagram web profiles?
Instagram web profiles are a beautiful new way to view and share Instagram on the web! Your web profile features your photos along with your profile photo and bio, giving others a look at the content you share on Instagram.
What can I do with Instagram web profiles?
You can share your own profile with anyone you want to see your Instagram photos. In addition, web profiles provide an easy way to follow other users, comment & like photos, and even edit your profile directly from the web.
Why is Instagram launching web profiles?
We’re launching web profiles to give you a simple way to share your photos with more people and to make it easier to discover new users on the web.
How do I see my web profile?
To see your profile, or to explore a friend’s profile, simply navigate to[username]. For example, in order to view Nike’s profile, @nike, you’d navigate to on the web.
Why can’t I see my web profile yet?
Web profiles will launch to all Instagram users in the next week or so. If you can’t see your profile yet, rest assured that you’ll see it in the next few days.
Who can see my web profile?
If your photos are set to public, anyone will be able to see your profile by visiting[your username] on the web. You do not have to be an Instagram user to view a public user’s profile on the web.
If your photos are set to private, your photos will be visible only to logged-in Instagram users you’ve allowed to follow you.
What photos are included in my web profile?
All photos you’ve shared to Instagram are included in your web profile.
My photos are set to “Private” – do I still have a web profile?
Yes, but not everyone will be able to see your photos. Your photos will be visible only to logged-in Instagram users you’ve allowed to follow you.
Can I upload photos from the web?
Instagram is focused on the production of photos from mobile devices so users are not currently able to upload from the web. We’re excited about how Web Profiles will make it easier to browse and share content on the web for all our users.

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