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Asus Transformer AiO, All-in-One PC-tablet hybrid with Windows 8 and Android Review

             It's a tablet. It's a desktop. No's the Asus Transformer All-in One. Asus is claiming that it's the " world's first AiO PC with a detachable tablet". The best part is that the machine can function on both Windows 8 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating systems.

             The ergonomics of the machine is such that it allows users to merge desktop computing with wireless mobility. In desktop mode, the Transformer AiO runs on Windows 8 sporting an 18.4-inch full-HD IPS touch screen with a 1920x1080-pixel revolution. The machine is powered by 3rd generation Intel Core processors with NVIDIA GT 730M graphics.

             Once the screen is detached, users will be equipped with an 18.4-inch Android 4.1 tablet with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor powering the standalone device. The tablet will also have the Windows 8 OS for users to choose as per their liking. This happens at the touch of a small blue OS switch on the right that performs an instantaneous transition between the operating systems.

             Considering the huge size of the screen when used as a tablet, Asus has added a convenience element in the form of an integral handle that makes it easy to carry the tablet while on-the-move. There's also a built-in stand keeps the display at the perfect angle for tabletop use. The screen has wide viewing angles and the ASUS SonicMaster audio technology assures users of an immersive listening experience.

             It seems like Asus believes in convertibles when it comes to tablets, ultrabooks and smartphones. TheTransformer Prime and the Asus Padfone/Padfone 2 are examples of some devices that not just offer convenience but increased functionality as well. With the Transformer AiO, Asus has fulfilled the Android community's urge for an Android desktop, but at the same time keeping in tact the functionality of the mobile OS as well.

             Asus claims the Transformer AiO will retail for $1,299 with a Core i3 chip starting Q1 2013 The company is also planning to release the machine in Core i5 and Core i7 variants. Other details such as RAM, storage and battery life remain unknown at this point.



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