Nokia sends out Lumia 920 teasers in India

Nokia has been teasing the Lumia 920 left, right and center. It has done so on its Facebook page quite loudly and even some of their ‘Priority Retailers’ have started taking pre-orders for the device which is yet to be officially launched in India. Earlier in the week we reported the Lumia 920 would arrive by January 14 and today we have received yet another hint in the form of a mail from Nokia India, which states the Lumia 920 is coming soon.
Of course, this rather cements the notion that the Lumia 920 is coming sooner than later. The mail on the face of it is not exceptional, but is rather a mail we suspect Nokia has sent out to all of its registered OVI store users in India, which also includes us. So saddle up, because the Lumia 920 could be coming to India very soon.