BlackBerry getting ready to release BBM for Android and iOS

When it was announced at the BlackBerry live that BBM Channels were going to Android and iOS there was some mixed feelings.

After it had sunked in there was a positive feeling as many users who had moved over to either Android or the iOS platforms.

It will allow them to keep in touch or should I say renew acquaintances before they moved on. It’s not that I don’t like the idea, I just wasn’t ready to share. I love BBM and how we in the BlackBerry community communicate with it.

But as with all of us, we support BlackBerry and take pride our devices, so let’s show our pride and share the news with others. Inside BlackBerry has posted a couple awesome treats.There are two different avatars available, download them and use them as your avatar on BBM and other social networks. Let’s raise awareness that we are #TeamBlackBerry and we share as a team!