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Best Gmail Alternatives to try

Are you looking for Gmail Alternatives which offer email services ? In this article, you can see the list of some top websites which allow users to create free email addresses like Gmail. Millions of people need to create multiple email accounts for business purpose or other reasons, if you are one of them, you can use any of these email services. Okay let's check the list of 10 best Gmail alternatives which offer free email services.

1. Yahoo Mail - Yahoo has started free email service in 1997 and now it is considered is the main Gmail alternative. One of the best free email services which provides unlimited storage free of cost.

2. Window Live Mail (Hotmail)(Now OUTLOOK) - Hotmail is one of the largest email services on the web that is operated by Microsoft. Hotmail is one of the oldest email services that was started in July 1996. Hotmail offers unlimited email storage with some useful features such as instant messaging , sky drive ( could storage ) etc.

3. AOL Mail - One of the most important part of AOL where users can create their free email ids. AOL mail offers unlimited email storage with 25 MB per email capacity. One of the best alternatives to Gmail which offer unlimited email storage for free email accounts. AOL started the email service in March 2004.

4. Mail - is one of the most useful email service providers on the internet where you can create your free email ids with over than 250 email domain names. You can choose your interested email domain name to create email address such , , etc.

5. RediffMail - Rediff is one of the most popular Indian websites that helps users creating free email accounts. One of the oldest Indian websites which allows users to create free email account. Rediff hosts millions of free email accounts. You can find some more features at the website such as news, articles, shopping etc.

6. Inbox - Inbox is one of the most popular email services that can be used as Gmail alternative. Inbox offers 5GB email storage per free account. Inbox also offers some more web services to users such as news, games, ecards, photo sharing services , download manager, file sharing , email notifier  etc.

7. In Mail - is one of the most visited Indian websites which offers tons of useful web services. In also offfers free email services where users can create short name email accounts. In offers many useful email features such as 10 GB free storage , email scheduling, instant messaging etc.

8. India Mail - If you are an Indian , you would love to create email id with this email service. Your email id will look like this- .

9. Zoho Mail - Zoho Mail is mainly used to create email addresses for business purpose. If you want to set up your own custom domain for your email, Zoho Mail could help you to create email with your own custom domain name.

10. Mail2World - Mail2World also offers useful email service that can be used for storing your emails. This website offers unlimited free email storage with some useful features such as unlimited email storage, large file attachment , 2000 domain names , calendar, bookmarking service and desktop notifier .

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